A.K.A. Michael Mira. I was made in the Philippines, prepped in New York City, and cultivated in Texas. I’m a self-diagnosed freelance writer; business sensei; independent researcher; lexical architect and photographer. I’ve been blogging since 2003. My interests are eclectic, but I tend to write a lot about the urbanscape, technology, and social anthropology. I construct poems and occasional short fiction on the side as expressive therapy, some of which can be seen at Bay Laurel, Mused: BellaOnline Literary Review, Poetry Pacific, Coalesce Magazine, and The Nervous Breakdown, among other publications. Some of my work coagulated to form books.

There are always new ideas being manufactured in my brain, some of which materialize into projects. As a rogue scholar, I’m constantly expanding my knowledge by taking an eclectic range of courses at different institutions. I took filmmaking classes in 2008 only to end up making no-budget videos.

If you want to hire me for anything–and I really mean anything–check out  the list of skills I’ve accumulated over the years.

As an occasional English tutor who helps recent immigrants improve their speaking and writing skills, I learned a lot of things about the politics and power of language. I’m also a freelance Tagalog-English interpreter. My most memorable assignment was a human trafficking case for a law firm.